Accounting, Treasury, Audit and Tax


Since inception CBS keeps the books of account for a growing number of companies and makes sure they are compliant with local laws. This includes:

  • the daily posting of incoming and outgoing invoices, the bank and petty cash as well as their reconciliations

  • the production of the monthly payroll and the associated statutory reporting

  • the calculation and filing of VAT and withholding VAT

  • the monthly / quarterly  filing of Installment and Withholding taxes

  • the monthly reporting of the financial accounts (Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement, Aged Accounts Payable and Receivable reports)

  • annual preparation of the books of account for the audit​


For about all of our customers CBS is an agent to their bank accounts. That allows us to execute the following treasury services:

  • download of bank statements and update the bank ledgers

  • monitor the due dates of invoices to be paid and upload payments for approval by the customer

  • provide cashflow reports and forecasts

  • recommend to deposit excess cash or assist in obtaining financing to cover liquidity shortfalls.

  • assist in negotiating preferred exchange rates when converting foreign currencies.

CBS also gets involved in receivable collection services and can assist in receivable insurance 


For the audit and income tax filing we work with our associate partner – Wamira & Associates.

  • they audit the books and provide their Management Letter to enhance the administration of the operations and compliance of the company

  • they file the income tax returns and recommend ways to keep the company compliant and improve the tax strategy.